We had our own COBRA meeting yesterday and decided that all social groups and activities would be cancelled with immediate effect. This includes our minibus trips and even our walking groups. 

I regret to tell you that it also has to include our volunteers visiting people at home to help them complete application forms for benefits.

We have several volunteers who visit socially isolated people at home as befrienders. Regrettably this arrangement also has to be cancelled as we, as an organisation, cannot take responsibility for anyone visiting someone at home thereby running the risk of unwittingly taking the virus in with them.

The shop will be open occasionally for the time being depending on the goodwill of the volunteers who are in the younger age group. If you use any enforced isolation as an opportunity to do a clear out, that would be a brilliant use of your time. However, please do not dump bags outside the shop. We will not be able to take them in but will have to call the council to have them removed.

Most of our volunteer drivers are over 70 years of age therefore our car service will be very limited. Only essential journeys will be undertaken and these will be mainly to hospital. Do please ring if you need such a car and we’ll do our best to help you.

Some of our staff and many of our volunteers are in the ‘at risk’ group. Those that are will be working from  home soon; those that are younger will be doing all they can to support those in need by way of regular phone calls and running errands eg to do shopping and collect prescriptions.

Several organisations and individuals have contacted us offering to help. Thank you very much and we will be in touch when we have more requests for help than we can meet in house. 

In the meantime we suggest that you keep an eye out for any neighbours who may be in need.

Please do not hesitate to call us on 01626 357090 if you have any concerns about anything or anyone that we may be able to help with.


Stay at home if you are displaying Coronavirus symptoms

Coronavirus symptoms are:

     – High temperature or fever 37.8 and above

     – New, continuous cough

If you live alone you are to isolate for 7 days.

If you live with others, everyone in the household is to isolate for 14 days.

Do not attend your GP surgery, pharmacy, or hospital if you are displaying symptoms

Only contact the NHS 111 Coronavirus helpline if:

     – You feel you cannot cope with your symptoms at home

     – Your conditions worsen

     – Your symptoms do not improve after 7 days

     – You cannot get help using the online service

Maintain social distancing

If you are in one of these high risk groups it’s important to maintain social distancing:

– Over 70

– Pregnant

– Have a weakened immune system, and/or long term health problems


Our Aim is, with voluntary support, to improve the quality of life of those in need with our community.

That community now stretches throughout Kingsteignton to Newton Abbot and the surrounding villages.

In 2017 we secured a grant for a year from the Big Lottery’s Awards for All Programme to employ a coordinator to develop more patient support services in Kingskerswell and the surrounding villages alongside Sharing Care. By November Kerswella Care was born.

We are now also working with representatives from Buckland who are establishing a patient support group there – BuSS


Read about all the exciting events going on at KingsCare, ranging from our Monday sessions of Table Tennis to our Mini Bus outings and Carers group.

There is a lot to see and do with KingsCare so come and join us at one of our events where you can relax, have a chat, or play some games!