Are you 50+ with 1 or 2 (or more) long term conditions? Are you spending more time than you want at the doctors?

We are partners with the other four patient support groups in South Devon – the Wellbeing Partnership – in running a Wellbeing Programme.

We have 3 Wellbeing Coordinators whose role is to spend time with patients who would benefit from some support to think about what matters to them and how they can best make those little difference in their lives that make such a big difference to their ability to enjoy life.

Engage … Connect … Motivate …

We offer a FREE programme to people aged 50+ with two long term health conditions, and we can support you to make the lifestyle choices that matter to you.


Speak to your GP, Nurse, health professional or ask at reception for further details on how to refer or,  speak to a member of the Wellbeing Team at KingsCare on:

 01626 817335