Read the kind words from our loving and caring community at KingsCare, and relive some of the wonderful experiences of our volunteers and community members.

‘Mum so loved to attend the singing…it was a really important part of the latter part of her life and we are all really grateful that it was there for her.’

‘Being a volunteer has given me a purpose in life. I really enjoy meeting new friends and helping people and feel I am making a positive contribution to society. I now far more understand of the difficulties many people experience, both mentally and physically, and how to support them…..’

‘As a volunteer I meet many new people. We feel we are giving support to lonely and vulnerable people in the mere act of hospitality and friendship. They keep coming back and we are growing in numbers. Even opening the door on a Bank Holiday Monday has proved popular…..’

‘KingsCare has been a lifeline to me. I had no friends, now I have a family…very supportive and caring. I am so thankful to all of KingsCare volunteers and other members, I feel so much better knowing I am not alone. Thank you so much……’

‘KingsCare is very supportive in a non-intrusive way. The volunteers are helpful and so friendly. We are a very happy group’

‘KingsCare has improved my life so very much….it’s helped my confidence, my social life and my way of life has changed. I’m a different person now and it’s down to KingsCare’.