It Just Takes One; Becoming A Volunteer.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” – Aesop

Did you know that some of the services we provide can only run due to our incredible team of volunteers?

As a charity organisation, KingsCare relies heavily on the support of individuals who find themselves with time to spare.

Some are retired looking for something to fill their days.

Others have a spare hour or two.

And some just enjoy chatting to different people.

What all these people have in common however, is they’ve recognised their own personal desire to give back.

Whatever reason they’ve identified, they’re giving up their time to help others who need assistance living their everyday life.

Volunteering doesn’t have to be hard work.

We recognise that people are busy, families need help and time is precious.

For that reason we’re asking you to consider if you could “Just give one”;

One hour

One journey

One call

By just giving one, you would be making a huge difference to someone’s life.

Your one hour could be used transporting someone to and from their Doctor’s appointment, and helping collect their prescription.

Your one journey could be used to take someone to their hospital appointment.

Your one call could be used to phone someone (who may not have anyone else to speak to), through our be-friending service.

Your ‘one’ is so valuable to us.

We’re currently desperately in need of drivers and be-frienders, so if you do think you can “Just give one”, please contact us on 01626 357090.

Alternatively, please complete the application form to become a volunteer by clicking here.