A vibrant community resource for Kingsteignton, Newton Abbot and District


The KingsCare Community Shed is:

• Specifically for those living with poor mental health in the community

• A place to be connected

• A place to do ‘stuff’

Planned Spaces

 Building on the highly successful Men’s Shed / Community Shed model, bringing people together for hands-on wood based activities.

Craft Studio

 The sessions will be facilitated by an experienced fabric and fibre crafter with skills in hand sewing, machine sewing, knitting, crochet, macramé and hand spinning amongst others.

The sessions will be a ‘Sort-it’ session.

Anyone can attend and bring a project that they need some help with; darning a sock, sewing on a button, a knitting pattern that doesn’t make sense etc.

Guidance will be given but, ultimately, you will sort your own problem (we will not do it for you!).

If you don’t have a ‘problem’ join us anyway with an ongoing project and enjoy companionship whilst creating.

Benefits To The Community

The KingsCare Community Shed, based at Stover Country Park is built on the belief that working with your hands, particularly in a group, can be a significant help for the individuals involved, through: 

• Giving them a sense of purpose 

• Providing a point of focus /distraction for a few hours a week 

• Learning new skills

• Linking directly with well-being and mental health work in the community 

• Opportunities to repair, recycle, re-use and upcycle 

The Community Shed

1) Offers a valuable set of ‘hands on’ activities to complement the one-to-one support:

a) We expect to see a growth in mental health issues that people will be trying to deal with increases in demands for our services, 

b) One-to-one services particularly in mental health are already overloaded – we need safe local activities in a suitable space so that we can support people into a safe group environment, 

c) We have traditionally offered a range of activities that are largely suitable for the over 50’s – The KingsCare Community Shed offers the opportunity to extend this with new activities in existing and new age groups, 

d) We envisage strong potential support for Social Prescribing activities. Fits with KingsCare and Kerswella Care future plans 


2) While the background and objectives are well-being /mental health, the KingsCare Community Shed experience will be beneficial for all; this might include local Youth Clubs, Scout Groups, Schools and Colleges etc. 


Once we have a permanent home we will  develop the project further, this will include:

Activity Types


Furniture making, upcycling and repairing.

Group or individual projects with or without support, from small/simple to larger complex items. 

Fabric and Fibre based

Sewing, crochet, knitting and other fabric and fibre-based crafts.

Other Crafts

 Candle-making, card-making, vegan soaps, resin casting and bottle & jar lamps. 


Are there activities that interest you that are not included here?

Do you have artisan contacts who might be able to help/lead classes?

Any specialist equipment requirements?

The Community Shed would love to hear from you.

If you have any comments or suggestions, or would like to explore specific ways of getting involved in this exciting project, do please get in touch at:

Manager, Sarah Lakey 07557379163

Get the latest information via our Facebook page.

We very much look forward to hearing from you.

Kerswella Care