RagBag Collection Scheme

KingsCare is now part of the National Rag-Bag collection scheme. We have collection points in both the Hub (Fore Street) and the KingsCare office at the Surgery. We also sell some of the best items at the Hub before joining the Rag-Bag if there are no buyers.

We can accept the following items: * All men's, ladies and children's clothing * Paired shoes (tied together) * Handbags, bags, ties & belts * Soft Toys * Blankets * Underwear to include socks, tights, pants and bras etc.. * Household textiles to include towels, bed linen, curtains etc..

We cannot accept the following items: * Duvets both synthetic and feathered * Carpets * Rugs * Soiled or wet clothing etc..

Collected items are sorted and where feasible distributed to worthy new users. Items that can't be used are re-cycled, possibly as rag pulp for paper.