Patient Transport

Over the years the requests for patient transport to medical appointments has grown steadily from 23 per month in 2003 to 160 per month in 2013. For many years our volunteers only used their own cars and we only brought patients into the surgery to see the doctor, nurse, Podiatrist or to attend clinics. Gradually we came to realise that we needed to extend this service to take patients to hospital appointments, dentists etc. We also realised that we were not being fair to those patients who had difficulty getting into cars or simply couldn’t because they were in a wheelchair. In 2009 we launched a campaign to buy a wheelchair accessible vehicle and in March 2010 we took delivery of a Fiat Doblo that had been converted by GM Coachwork at Trusham. (photo)The funds came from the Big Lottery Awards for All Programme, the Claire Milne Trust and generous donations from the Bartlett family and Ernest Fewkes. This vehicle is used daily and is a great asset.

Patients are picked up from their home, taken to their appointment and then taken home afterwards. The driver will collect prescriptions from the chemist if required. A small charge is levied for this service. Any patient who has difficulty getting to appointments can request a car at the time of booking the appointment or subsequently by contacting the KingsCare office. Please give as much notice as possible. We cannot always accommodate requests with less than 24 hours’ notice or after 4.30pm.

Volunteer drivers are always needed.



Taking delivery of the vehicle with our first patient