The KingsCare Hub

What is the KingsCare Hub?

At KingsCare there have been a number of successful funding applications over the years. Each takes a considerable amount of the co-ordinator's time to draft. Despite being very good at getting grants they can be somewhat time limited.

There is now a national drive toward voluntary organisations initiating and sustaining 'Social Enterprise Zones'. Although not spoken about loudly there is a widely held suspicion that funding will become much more difficult to obtain for organisations like ours. This is especially true under the current economic climate. So we have had to make some changes of direction and act now.

We have taken a lease on a shop in Fore Street opposite the Bell Inn. This we have painted, decorated and cleaned. With much help from volunteers in the organisation and from outside including donations of cash, computers and skills we are open. There is an interesting range of items already stocked. Fresh donations will be accepted as and when we have the space. Generally speaking we have taken books, puzzles, toys, bric-a-brac and some clothing (textiles).

As we build up the activities around the charity shop which includes a refreshment facility with cozy corner, an information centre Internet access and computer and other courses. Of course there is a lot to learn from all concerned, but early indications show that it is a sunny, friendly, welcoming environment with a lot of laughter.


Lots of well wishers.

Mayor, Councilor Beryl Austin cuts the ribbon making us open in 2010.

The Hub is run by unpaid volunteers. This means we cannot guarantee to always be open. However, we strive to keep to the following times. Should the weather be exceptionally bad then maybe staying in bed is the favoured option instead.

Opening Hours

Mon,Tues,Thurs and Friday we are open from 10a.m. until 4p.m.

Saturday is half day 10am. until 1p.m. Closed on Wednesday and Sunday.

Address - 47 Fore Street - Kingsteignton.

Sometimes the facility will be open outside of these hours for training courses or meetings.

The general public will not be admitted during these events.


Unfortunately we do get a number of soggy unpleasant bags left outside the shop. Legally this is fly tipping and perpetrators can be prosecuted, also it is very unpleasant for our volunteers to have to handle.

We do value donations highly so please, do give during our opening hours and do ask staff if a donation is suitable the sort of thing we might be able to sell. We have had some wonderful things donated over the years and thank those who have been so kind.