At KingsCare we rely very heavily on fundraising. This can come in all sorts of forms. For big schemes we apply from various bodies, like the Lottery, but in order to be successful we have to demonstrate that the community is behind us. So we appeal to you for help.

Okay so bathing in cold baked beans is an option, but you do not have to do anything quite so extreme. But if you are planning on doing something like this please let the office know and photographers and maybe a TV crew can attend and capture your moment of glory.


Are you an On-Line shopper? If so you have an opportunity to help KingsCare at absolutely no cost to yourself. Many retailers will give a percentage of your shop (at their expense) through Easy Giving.

Go to and register. All the information you need is there for you to read.


  Would you like to donate cash direct to KingsCare? We would be very grateful and you can Gift Aid your donation through Checkout